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Strawberry Chia Jam

As you’ve probably noticed, I love berries.  We've had a gorgeous supply all summer, but unfortunately the season is drawing to a close. With Autumnal weather setting in, I've been craving warmer breakfasts. Nothing goes better with all my favourite warming breakfasts than homemade chia jam. It's time to get creative before it's too late. I like my homemade jam a little chunky (“with bits”), really sticky and preferably layered with peanut butter… I hope you enjoy this one!

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Sweetly Roasted Sweet Potato Chunks

As the weather slowly begins to change and summer drawers to a close, I’m finding myself craving warmer breakfasts again. For me, sweet potato is such a comfort food. It's got such a unique taste and is packed full of nutritional benefits too. What better way to enjoy it than with coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. It’s such a simple recipe, but it's so damn good.

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Creamy Tofu One Pot

This is a simple one-pan dish that takes minutes to make. The recipe serves one, but it can be easily doubled, leaving you leftovers for the next day as it travels well too! It’s made with the Mr Organic Grilled Pepper Add-In, which adds a delicious creaminess, pimping what would be a fairly simple dish into something special. 

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