Florence Favourites Part 1: Coffee and Brunch

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Life can be incredibly busy and sometimes it's important to step out and take a breath. As you may know, I recently went on holiday to Florence, in Italy, with one of my nearest and dearest. I took our four days away as a chance for a ‘social media detox’. The trip had been our dream for such a long time. I wanted to relax and just be away from life at home, to enjoy plenty of delicious Italian food and to explore such a beautiful city.

Countless friends had expressed their love for Florence, but only after visiting, could I fully appreciate why. It was full of character. It was small, without being too small. It was full of life. It was beautiful. We laughed, we dined, we explored and importantly we created many wonderful memories. Nothing is ever plain sailing, and I won't deny that there were tough moments, but we got through these and had such a lovely time. Thanks L for making it so special.

I often get asked for foodie recommendations, so in case anyone is planning a trip to Florence anytime soon, I thought I’d share my foodie finds. You never know, maybe it will inspire you to visit yourself. I also thought it a good time to clear up the current confusion - I’m a flexitarian (I’m not vegan) - so I eat a little bit of whatever I fancy. I eat a lot of plants, but I’m not entirely plant based. To be honest, I like to avoid a label. This is what works for me at the moment. From vegan gelato to traditional Italian, I enjoyed exploring the delicious variety Florence had to offer.

I’ve split my finds into three shorter posts, instead one really long post. There was just too much to say and too many photos to share in one post. Of course, I’ve only touched the surface of the delights that Florence has to offer, as one could spend months exploring the city.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading about them.  

Part 1: Coffee and Brunch

1)    Ditta Artigianale

2)    La Ménagère

Without further ado, here’s Part 1 of my foodie finds: Coffee and Brunch. 

1) Ditta Artigianale

Website: http://www.dittaartigianale.it

Instagram: @dittaartigianale

Ditta Artigianale (Artisan Company) is a Speciality Coffee Roaster in Florence, which has three sites across the city. They serve excellent food and drink as well as their own roasted coffee and a variety of coffee merchandise (perfect my fellow #coffeesnobs out there). We visit almost every day during our trip, as it was conveniently located between the city centre and our hotel, we both their coffee and it was one of the few places in Florence we found with air conditioning!

On the first day, after landing and dropping off our bags, we visited for brunch.

Picture below is our Croque Madame and Smoked Salmon Toast (they’d run out of avocado by the time we arrived, which was secretly devastating as I was appropriately dressed in my avocado tee!) and a slice of Fruit Tart. As you can see, the food isn’t typically Italian, but what they do, they do very well.

The real reason we visited Ditta Artigianale was for their coffee. Italian’s are known for their coffee, so I had high expectations. Luckily, it did not disappoint! Unlike many places in Florence, they also have a wide variety of non-dairy milks. We had a variety of drinks including an iced almond latte, an espresso, a flat white and a refreshing iced mint tea.  For those looking for a really good Italian coffee, this one is for you. 

2) La Ménagère

Website: http://www.lamenagere.it

Instagram: @la_menagere

I spotted La Ménagère on a few blogs whilst browsing ‘top coffee stops in Florence’ before our visit and decided it was worth checking out. We stopped for a coffee one morning before visiting Mercato Centrale (a market which sells wonderful fresh produce and a huge variety of traditional Italian delights – a great spot for presents to take home). It’s certainly a bit pricier than many of Florence’s cafes, but it’s worth a visit, even if just for a drink and a browse. 

Italian Cappuccino

Italian Cappuccino

And my gorgeous friend L with an iced cappuccino (?!)

And my gorgeous friend L with an iced cappuccino (?!)

It’s a concept store, café and formal restaurant in one. The interior is beautiful and there’s even an in-house florist. You can enjoy anything from coffee to cocktails, from scrambled eggs to gnocchi. After visiting, I consequently discovered that Ditta Artigianale supply La Ménagère with their coffee, likely explaining why it was equally delicious!

Here’s a few snaps of the interior. It’s modern, minimalist and oh so very Instagrammable… 

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I share my favourite gelato spots – as no trip to Italy is complete without gelato…

Until next time,

Hannah x