Friday Favourites: Pip and Nut, Timberyard UK and Oppo Ice Cream


This week has literally flown by. I honestly can’t believe it’s Friday again! Last weekend I vanished off to volunteer at Soul Circus Festival, a yoga and wellness festival in the Cotsworlds. After one of those weeks’ where it had felt like I had been incredibly busy, but at the same time I had failed to get anything done, it was the perfect reset that I needed. I'm now back and settled in London, ready to share the second edition of my Friday Favourites. Okay so technically I missed a week, but I decided that everything could (or would have to) wait until I got back from the festival. My escape to the circus was meant to be exactly that. An escape. Yes I was volunteering, but I was also really looking forward to catching up with some friends and embracing the freedom from the business of life in the city. I don’t know about you, but I feel that today’s society increasingly makes us feel that we must get things done immediately, that we must be constantly available and always busy. Stepping out and resetting is becoming more and more important, but harder and harder to do. 


With that in mind, I’d love for you to take a minute to think about what you do to escape and recharge. I don't necessarily mean a festival - of course we can't go to one every weekend - so what about those smaller things you can do on a daily basis? Whether it’s curling up on the sofa with a good book or soaking yourself in a long hot bath, take a moment to think about how you like to recharge your batteries. I’ve recently started using Netflix (a little late to the game, I know!) and am really enjoying re-watching Gossip Girl. Maybe it's the nostalgic element, taking me back to my teenage self, or maybe it's the fact it's so far fetched, it manages to make my even my life seem pretty straight forward. Although there’s maybe a little too much choice on there for me (I'm awful at making decisions), I'm finding that Netflix is a lovely way to wind down and find a bit of me time. You can only give out as much as you take in; so let’s make sure to take care of ourselves.

Following on from this rather nicely is this week’s Friday favourites. From edible treats to cosy coffee shops, these three things have helped me in their own way this week to engage in a little bit of extra self care this week. 

1.    Pip & Nut



I doubt Pip & Nut really need an introduction, as most of you will be familiar to their nut butters. If you haven't tried them, then you must. I love Pip & Nut's range of nut butters not only because they taste delicious, but because of the inspiring story behind the brand. I remembering hearing Pip’s story at a Welltodo Founder Series events in London a while ago. I was so inspired by her ability to create her own business from scratch and in such a short space of time too!

As you’ve probably gathered, I love nut butter on just about anything and in just about anything. Not a day goes by without here at My Life Is For Living. The first of this week’s Friday favourites is dedicated to the little individual Pip and Nut squeeze packs. These are perfect for on the go and make deliciously healthy snacking so easy. I packed plenty for my trip to Soul Circus festival last weekend and boy I'm glad I did! After a rough night in a tent, I knew a warm pot of porridge and a sachet of Pip and Nut would be just what I needed. I also packed a stash of oatcakes to snack on in between classes. Being a student, I was keen to save my pennies, but knew I'd need plenty of snacks to keep me going. I honestly love little squeeze packs for instant deliciously nutritious fuel!

2.  Timeberyard



My second favourite I'd like to share this week is a London coffee shop called Timberyard. Despite the rather high price tag you have to pay (that's central London unfortunately), their choice of delicious coffee beans, the excellent barisata skills and gorgeously relaxed atmosphere ensure that I return time and time again. My favourite spot is a seat by the window. I love working in natural light and also love a cheeky chance to people watch. I've got friend who love their cosy room downstairs though. They've got squidgy armchairs, large communal tables or solo spots for one. Whatever floats your boat. You'll find a place to suit your style. 

Taking that moment to myself, to sip on my almond milk flat white and to watch the world go by is one of my favourite ways to reset. It's a chance to gather my thoughts and to work out my priorities. I'm often my most productive after what I like to call "a little bit of faff time". Can anyone relate? 


3.    Oppo Ice Cream



My final favourite this week is Oppo Ice Cream's Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut flavoured ice cream. Oppo Ice Cream is created by two brothers, Charlie and Harry. They've produced the UK's first healthy dairy ice cream, which is naturally sweetened with stevia leaf instead of any sugar.  Healthy ice cream might be a hard concept to grasp, but these guys have nailed it! 

Oppo comes in four flavours: Salted Caramel, Madagascan Vanilla, Mint Choc Swirl and Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut. The Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut is the newest addition and my current favourite. It's pretty much nutella in ice cream format. It's smooth and creamy, with small chunks of hazelnut for added crunch. Honestly, it's dreamy. Paired with a warm brownie and some crunchy peanut butter and I'm in heaven. 


I hope you've enjoyed reading about #afewofmyfavouritethings this week. Slowing down and stepping out reminded me the importance of nourishing my mind and body in one. I hope you take a moment to reflect on that too. If you’ve got any favourites, whether it's a product or a place, then drop me a message as I'd love to check it out. Otherwise, all the best for the weekend ahead! 

Until next time,

Hannah x