Friday Favourites: Missfits Nutrition, Toast and Pro-Yo

I know everyone is saying it, but I really can’t believe it’s September already. August has flown by so quickly. In just a few weeks I’ll be heading back to the South West to complete my Psychology degree at Bath University. I must admit I’m a little nervous, but I’m also really excited to getting stuck into my modules and finally finish my degree. After my year working on placement in a psychiatric hospital and part time in the health and wellness industry, I feel ready to find a job in the big bad world! I’m certainly apprehensive about going back to the student life! 

Anyway, my imminent return to the chaos of student life got me thinking about how studying impacts upon my day-to-day living. I know how easily I get caught up in the stress of deadlines, the desire to do well and the constant pressure to socialise 24/7. This last year has really helped me to work out my priorities. I feel more comfortable in myself. I can make my own decisions. Now I make time for the things that light me up and I no longer spend time doing the things that don’t. I’m definitely still learning, but I’m getting there slowly and you can to.

That said, whether you’re a student or not, many of us lead busy lives and face a lot of pressure. Business is no reason to compromise your health. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. Being busy isn’t an excuse not to take care of yourself. When you’re busy, it’s even more important to take care of yourself, inside and out. This week’s Friday favourites are a few of my ‘go to’ food choices that help me when I’m busy.

1.    Missfits Nutrition



As you may have already seen on my Instagram, I regularly use the Missfits Nutrition single serve protein sachets. I find these particularly helpful when I’m in a rush, travelling or busy. They’re great to throw into a smoothie, to bulk up a bowl of porridge or pimp up a plate of pancakes!

Image taken from MissFits Nutrition

Image taken from MissFits Nutrition

There aren’t many single serve protein sachets out there (or at least not that I like anyway!), which is why I find them so useful. Missfits Nutrition comes in four flavours (vegan or whey) including chocolate, vanilla, coffee and mixed berry. I like the vegan ones, as I’m not a fan of whey protein. Each sachet is made from pea protein and a number of other essential nutrients, contains 16g of protein and is free from any added sugar. Not only are the ingredients and taste really good, but Missfits Nutrtion also offer a subscription service, meaning the sachets can be delivered straight to your door and through your letterbox! 

Here’s a couple of quick smoothies I’ve enjoyed whilst out and about this week.

  1. Creamy Vanilla Green (*made with 1 sachet of vanilla multitasker, 1 frozen banana, 1 handful of spinach, 1 tbsp. cashew butter, ½ tsp. matcha powder, ½ tsp. sweetener and coconut milk to blend).
  2. Peanut Mixed Berry (*made with 1 sachet of mixed berry multitasker, 1//2 frozen banana, 1 handful of frozen berries, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, ½ tsp. maca powder, ½ tsp. sweetener and almond milk to blend).

*For those of you interested in trying Missfits Nutrition protein, you can use the code ‘mylifeisforliving5’ for £5 off your order.  I’d love to hear how you get on if you do!

2.  Toast

My second Friday favourite isn’t technically a specific product/place this time. Instead it’s toast because honestly, this week I just can’t get enough of it. Although I like bread, toast definitely wins for me. I like mine crunchy, but not burnt and heavily loaded with toppings. Toast is definitely one of my favourites when I’m busy. It’s satisfying, quick and delicious. Plus, the possibilities are endless and I never seem to get bored.

This week I really enjoyed a seeded wholemeal loaf I picked up from a local farmer’s market at the weekend. However, I’m not fussy. I love sourdough. I love rye. I love anything with a good crust. I’d love to know what you like to top your toast with – perhaps I’ll discover a new favourite...?


Here are a few of my favourite toast toppings for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner: 

  • Poached eggs with avocado.
  • Smokey beans and nutritional yeast (recipe here)
  • Mashed avocado and garlicky prawns.
  • Peanut butter, banana and honey.
  • Greek yoghurt, blueberries and molasses.  

3.    The Collective Dairy



My final favourite this week is the Pro-Yo pouches from The Collective Dairy. Alongside toast, yoghurt is one of my favourite foods and I get through tubs of the stuff each week.  I recently got my hands on the new Pro-Yo pouches from The Collective Dairy. Have you tried them? The pouch sort of reminds me of a ‘frube’ when I was a kid (fromage frais in a kiddy patterend tube), only they taste so much better and have a great nutritional profile too! They’re high in protein (14g per pouch) and contain only naturally occurring sugar from fruit and milk.


Currently, they come in three flavours:

  • Coconut with honey + vanilla (my favourite – like a bounty in yoghurt format!)

  • Strawberry

  • Berries – boysenberry, blueberry + acai

The convenience of having yoghurt in a little pouch really makes them stand out for me. They’re an ideal accompaniment to my packed lunch, or a quick pre-post work out kick. I love the convenience of being able to squeeze the coconut flavoured one over a banana for a quick afternoon snack. I would love to see full size tubs in the future though, as I could definitely eat a larger portion!

    This week is all about my ‘grab and go’ favourites, as I’m certainly one to reach for an easy option when I can. Are there any products you’d recommend to help keen on track when you’re busy? I’d love to know as I’m always looking for new ideas. Comment below or message me on Instagram and perhaps we can help each other out.

    Until next time,

    Hannah x